Abstract Challenge: Entry #10 Pink Petals

Vickie sends us her entry of Pink Petals.

“This is a dried hydrangea that I have on my desk…it reminds me of the concept of “seeing the forest for the trees.”
Most of the time, I just see the flower as a single flower…or the forest…but when I really examine the individual small flowers…or trees…that make up the
large flower…or forest …there is so much that each small part plays to make up the whole…all important, although small.”

Pink Petals
Abstract Photo by Vickie


5 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #10 Pink Petals

  1. Vickie,
    Pretty!!! I like the various conditions of the petals with some curled up and some with bits of color still on them. I also like the contrast in the light as well. You took something that I might of blown off as not making a very good image and you made it beautiful and delicate!!!!!! I am learning so much from you crazy women!!!

  2. This is definitely a feminine abstract if there can be such a thing. I doubt that a guy would put all of that thought into the symbolic meaning of the faded petals as they blend in to make the whole image. A unique and interesting entry!

  3. Very nice. I really like dried hydrangeas. Good shot and the light color with a bit of darker makes a very pretty picture

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