Abstract Challenge: Entry #9 Intrigued

Debbie was such fun at the Arboretum looking for abstract shots and it wasn’t until I bent over and shot some pavement that the abstract concept became more obvious to her.  Debbie says…

“I would title this Intrigued because that was what I had became in looking for an abstract. It is a piece of concrete on the walkway.  I was truly amazed when I found out exactly what I was looking for in abstract photography. Now when I am looking at different things to shoot, I look at the picture in a new and different way.”

Abstract Image by Debbie


4 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #9 Intrigued

  1. Abstract I mean Debbie,
    It was so much fun to observe you, so obsessed in capturing the different abstract possibilities. We even lost you and so Lala started to call you “Abstract”. You really got it and even produced this beautiful photo.
    Good job Debbie.

  2. This just proves, the closer we look, the more we see and then we realize how many things have an inherent beauty that we take for granted. Way to go, “Abstract”!

  3. Debbie,
    Your image draws me in and gets my imagination going as to all the different things I can see in this. I think you did a good job with this abstract. Now I can see how
    you earned the name “Abstract”! You have shown me that something as simple as concrete can be so much more!!!

  4. Debbie this is a great photo! I might have cropped the bottom edge a little so you could not see the edge and the concrete filled in the pic. Good job, I would love to see more of the abstracts you took that day, it would probably help me with this concept, “the Abstract”! Seems as though you have a new nickname??

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