Abstract Challenge: Entry #5 Near Lala’s Rock

Gina gives us this next entry.  Now her first entry was of tree bark and then I got an e-mail that she had changed her mind and found something she liked better.  Well… it’s definitely a woman’s perogative to change her mind, so here is her new abstract that she found near Lala’s rock.

Now the rest of the story is this.  I have a favorite rock at the Dallas Arboretum and I always stop and sit on this rock and it has been dubbed “Lala’s Rock”.  My grandbabies know exactly where it is and they always announce when we are coming up to Lala’s Rock.  Some people leave a brass plaque or a garden to the arboretum in honor of someone.  All I want is the words… “Lala’s Rock” engraved in that rock to erode away with time and to give weary garden travelers a place to sit.

So this abstract image was taken by Gina near Lala’s Rock.

Near Lala’s Rock
Abstract by Gina

7 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #5 Near Lala’s Rock

  1. Gina,
    Its a relaxing and enjoyable image to look at! I can just imagine the soothing sound of the water and leaves swirling around! Nice job!

  2. Gina this is a wonderful photo, I like how the leaves add character to the abstract design. Great Eye!! (I sure missed shooting with you CraZy WoMeN at the arboretum, this picture is evidence of a successful outing!)

  3. Neat picture Gina, you made it an abstract and an action shot at the same time with the swirling water and leaves! I love it! Good work!

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