Abstract Challenge: Entry #4 Dare

This next entry is by Tess.

I’m not sure what she is up to but this is what she says…

“I call this challenge DARE, because of a few reasons. First it was a challenge to take this picture, laying in the ground and pointing the camera up. Another reason this is called Dare is because I’m challenging everyone to name this picture, where was the location, what state and what city was this taken?

I am giving $50.00 to the first one who can give the right answers to all of the four categories asked. The deadline of the submission of the answers is when all of the October challenges are published by Lalagagalu. I could have offered a million but this poor servant can only afford $50.00, so have mercy on me.

This is just an ordinary picture, distorted in photoshop, just to make you all the more confuse.  This poor servant is trying to hold onto her hard earned $50.  Money is tight.”

Abstract Image by Tess

15 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #4 Dare

  1. Tess,

    You always surprise me. I love the picture. I have not idea what it is or where. I’ll be interested in finding out. Glad you keeping your $50 so far. Great job

  2. Tess,
    You are something else!!
    Your image is so intriguing! I looked at this before going to bed and my mind just wouldn’t let it go! I kept trying to figure out the what and where’s of this image. Your image drew me in and I took the dare seriously! Well done Tess!!!

    I don’t give up easily. However, I am thinking you are not going to be losing your $50 dollars to me! I am going to make a wild guess…..A Oregon State Flag with you removing your center post on your tri-pod and you laid on the ground and looked up through this opening at the flag????

    Thanks Tess for all you bring to the CWPC in so many ways!!!

    • Lorraine,
      Sorry for disturbing your mind while trying to unwind and sleep.
      Thank you so much for your nice comments. Nice try for the Oregon flag, unfortunately I have not been to Oregon and must admit that I asked Mr. Google again as to what the Oregon flag looks like. Nice try Lorraine.

  3. OK… I am clueless! Thought Donna had it, but that proved wrong! Then I thought it was a fan but couldn’t figure out why I was seeing blue sky in the middle. Then thought it might be a cuisinart blade suspended in mid air. Poor Lala is tired of thinking. I might even pay you to tell me what I am seeing! (OK… not really! I’m retired and the pay is not very good!)

  4. Tess,

    This is definitely abstract. I don’t know if the Men’s Auxiliary is eligible for this contest, but I’m going to guess it is a light pole in the parking lot at the hospital in Rowlett Texas.

    • Mike,
      You made me laugh so bad. Of course the men-Auxillary member is qualified to guess. Thanks for guessing but it’s not the answer. Nice try.

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