R.I.P. Big Tex

The workers get a quick photo before erecting Big Tex
(Photo by Fay)

I will take this opportunity to remember a favorite icon of the State Fair of Texas.  If you have ever been to the fair, you were welcomed by a tall Texan standing proud who would call out “HOWDY!”.  And more than likely you would have your photo taken with him.  And it was a meeting place… “Meet you at Big Tex”.

Well, the unthinkable has happened.  On Friday, October 19, 2012, Big Tex “died” at the age of 60.  It was thought to be from an electrical fire that started in his boot.  As crazy as it may sound, I feel like I have lost a friend.  You could count on him being there to greet you and he loved all people!  He would bring a smile to your face.  I was at the fair the day before he “died” but did not realize at the time that it would be my last photo of this cowboy.

Both last year and this year I was fortunate to witness “the erection of Big Tex”.   It was amazing to watch him being put together and then placed in the standing position.  And it was fun watching them put his big boots on!

So… in remembrance of Big Tex, I would like to share several favorite photos to remember him by.

The Big Bite
“Hey Tex… stop that!”
(Photo by Fay)

The cables hoist Big Tex to standing position.
(Photo by Fay)

Once again in 2012 he was standing tall as he was lowered into position.
(Photo by Fay)

The workers were putting on his boots and tucking in his jeans.
(Photo by Fay)

As I was standing on the ground shooting the helicopter, I did not realize that someone in the helicopter was shooting down at Big Tex and me. It was not until later in the day when perusing the internet that I found the photo of Big Tex and me shot from the air. What a surprise!  (This was taken in 2011)
(Photo by Fay)

Big Tex and Fay… taken by the Channel 11 News Helicopter
October 2011

Big Tex… October 18, 2012, the last full day of his “life” before he burned.
We never know when a photo may become more meaningful. Photography is a powerful medium and can hold so many emotions and memories.
(Photo by Fay)


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Big Tex

  1. What a wonderful tribute and memory!
    I can’t believe the shot of you and Tex, I know you told us about it but seeing the pic, is unreal!! Love it!
    CRAZY that you were at the fair on October 18th!!
    Thanks for posting these beautiful photos, as usual nice job, Fay!

    • Thanks so much Donna. You just don’t expect to have Big Tex go up in flames. I certainly hope that they resurrect Big Tex. The fair would not be the same without him!

  2. Lala,
    You captured Big Tex so beautifuly. This is some treasure that you will cherish for life. It was such a sad story that Big Tex died that way.
    After almost six years of living in Dallas area, we always plan to go to the fair. It did not happened until this week. Thank you Big Tex for letting me take your picture before you died. He was a true icon.

  3. Fay,
    The first thing I thought of when I heard about Big Tex was you and how you were able to catch some fantastic photos of him. I had never actually seen Big Tex in person but remember last year looking at your photo’s of Big Tex and was drawn in with all the details you captured. Through your great images it was almost like being there and I’m thankful that I got to see Big Tex up close through your lens!

    • Thanks Lorraine. I would venture to say, if anybody went to the fair, more than likely they got a photo of Big Tex.

      I feel certain that they will make another Big Tex and have him up by next year. I sure hope so.

  4. Fay,

    As always your photos are amazing. I have learned so much from you and other members in CWPC about angles and colors. Great pics of Big Tex and I especially like the one of the helicopter shooting with you in the pic. Definately a memorable photo to keep. Debbie

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