An Uplifting Evening…

So the crazy women… Tess, Donna and myself had a great time at the balloon festival.  There were thousands of people, but we found a good place to watch the balloons and shoot.  At the beginning of the evening there were three parachutists who jumped out of a plane and landed on the field where the balloons were setting up.  What a beautiful site to see them floating across the sky and once they landed they acknowledged the applause and took the time to have their photos taken with some of the children as well as a “crazy woman”!

Flying the Flag
(Photo by Fay)

After the Jump
(Photo by Fay)

Such excitement!
(Photo by Fay)

Balloon Glow
(Photo by Fay)

All balloons glowing…
(Photo by Fay)

Three Crazy Women: Donna, Tess, and Fay
(Self portrait by Fay, taken in the chrome of a large grilling truck)


5 thoughts on “An Uplifting Evening…

  1. These are awesome Lala!! Your night shots are great and so clear, good shot of the “all burn!”
    I love the one of the three of us so clever!

    • I love to find reflective surfaces to do self portraits. That will be one of our challenges in months to come. Ideally you need to find a clean surface to get the best result unless you are looking for something a bit gritty. Thanks so much Donna for your comments! We had a blast!

  2. Lala,
    You are the best. Your “all burn” pictures are so tack-sharp, it seems that you were using a tripod but I know you weren’t. The reflection is so clever. I love all of them.

  3. Love all the photos. I want to learn to do reflective photos. Such a great idea. The balloons at night were awesome. Thanks for great pics

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