Two Virgins at Stonehenge

Aha!  Thought that title would get your attention!  Oh… you crazy women!

So it seems that our friend from the UK (Lynda’s husband, John) has been watching from across the pond.  Unlike PhilS he does not need to lurk behind a tree.

John has also sent me a balloon photo as well as an article he wrote detailing his adventure to finding this “virgin”.  You must read it.  It is quite funny.  John has a wonderful sense of humor that brings a smile and a chuckle!

Thanks John for your submission from across the pond!  The “crazy women” appreciate it!

(Photo by John Winter)


13 thoughts on “Two Virgins at Stonehenge

  1. I like it here behind the tree. All my friends are here. Mr. Squirrel. Mr. Bug. I’m not really lonely. They all talk to me in their wee little voices.

    • Hi Phil! Good to hear from you!! I just knew you were lurking behind that tree! So you are telling me you are hearing “wee little voices”? Hmmm… this could be serious. The crazy wimmin’s voices must come through very loud in comparison, I am sure.

      Hey… anytime you want to hop in and send me a photo, please feel free to do so. After all, you fought for the Men’s Auxillary!

  2. I hold a very minor position in the Guy’s auxiliary, but would like to make a couple of observations … without prejudice.

    If we have graciously been allowed by Mrs Stout to have a Guy’s Auxiliary on the Crazy Wimmins’ Blog, then surely it’s fair and proper that we adhere to the simple rules and regulations already in place for the gals. For example:

    1 You must occasionally contribute by posting one of your pictures for the delight and delectation of the other members
    2 Make a comment on any picture that is worthy of your constructive criticism
    3 Be crazy, odd or silly in some way

    Alas, poor, maligned and misunderstood Phil only qualifies (perhaps) on the latter point but he’s in good company … I remind you that Prince Charles talks to his plants! Whether they have a two-way conversation (like P and the animals) hasn’t yet been documented.

    This is what Phil meant to say:

    “What a fantastic picture, John. I particularly like the vibrancy and vulnerability of the white virgin against the background of blood red. The way the virgin is tethered suggests that there is no escape … very evocative. The sky was rather bleached out and you have cut off the feet of the onlookers – was this a deliberate ploy on your part, or just an error? Something to be aware of next time perhaps.”

    Best wishes from John in the UK.

  3. Now I know why, that the last time I talked to PhilS, there is something different the way he sounds. Sounds like crickets or something 6 legged.

  4. I have to admit I was intrigued by the title and a little surprised when I saw the photo. Nice picture. The orange is bright against the sky. Thank for sending your picture

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