Up, Up and Away… (by Donna)

Another first with the CWPC! Plano Balloon Festival!

Who knew that driving could be such a “handicap” and so much fun!
After parking in our “prime spot”, off to take some photos and view some beautiful sites!
Having never been to the festival, I did not know what to expect.
The balloons and colors were so beautiful! I had no idea that when you are at the festival you are so close to all the balloons, they go up so fast and take off so gracefully.
I was in awe of the beautiful colors!  As the sun goes down the balloons light up the night!

If you have never gone, it is a must!

Getting ready to fly…
(Photo by Donna)

Ready to Go
(Photo by Donna)

Woohoo! Up, Up and Away
(Photo by Donna)

Preparing for the balloon glow
(Photo by Donna)

Beautiful in red…
(Photo by Donna)

Thanks to the CWPC for another fun night!

12 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away… (by Donna)

  1. Thanks for driving Donna and finding a “special” parking spot!
    It was great fun and sometimes we could barely shoot fast enough.
    My favorite of your photos is the one where they are inflating the blue balloon. The colors are so good and it is so sharp. And the crew are all dressed alike in blue. Makes for a good photo op!

  2. Yes Donna…I agree with Fay…the blue balloon is my favorite..it almost looks like a jellyfish!! I love hot air balloons…hate that I had a conflict and could not make it this year!M

  3. Donna,
    I like all the vibrant colors! My favorite also is the blue balloon glow! I also like the “Beautiful in Red” shot. Hopefully next year I can go experience this! Great job Donna!!!

  4. Great pictures. The colors are so vibrant. I want to go to the balloon festival next year. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the balloon against the blue sky.

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