This Was a First with the Crazy Women (by Vickie)

This was my first outing with the Crazy Women…what fun it was!! I can’t wait
until the next one! It was part learning…part experimenting…part fun…part
crazy…but mostly crazy!

Loved learning from everyone and so amazed that all of us saw something
different or saw it in a different way. Before we left, I thought that all of
our pictures were going to look pretty much the same…that couldn’t have been further from the truth! White Rock was a fantastic venue with such a variety of subjects around every turn.

Thank you Fay for being our tour guide, mentor and head Crazy Woman!

Panning as he goes whizzing by…
(Photo by Vickie)

Vickie and the crazy women were definitely amused by the birds at White Rock.  I have never heard so much giggling as this action was taking place on the water.

Ducky Love
(Photo by Vickie)

One Handsome Duck
(Photo by Vickie)

I like to use collages to put photos from the same event or theme together in one photo to capture the essence in a small format or footprint.  Together they can say so much more than just alone sometimes.

Fun Times at White Rock Lake
(Photo Collage by Vickie)


4 thoughts on “This Was a First with the Crazy Women (by Vickie)

  1. I can still hear you guys giggling like school girls. We do have a lot of crazy fun together.
    You did a nice job of panning with the biker.
    I so much like your collage and I like the way you arranged the photos with the White Rock Boat House sign at the top. Very clever of you!

    So glad you were able to join us at the lake! We will look forward to having you join us on more outings in the future.

  2. Vickie,
    Love your pictures, and of course the “ducky love is so funny with another jealous duck behind them.
    My favorite is your collage. It is so clever, and you captured the “water condensation” looking or dripping? So sharply.

  3. Love the collage, did you do that on your Ipad using an app?
    Your pic of the “frisky” ducks is good too! Look forward to shooting with you again!

  4. Vickie,
    Great images of the ducks! I also really like the collage you made which shows all the variety of subjects you can photograph. In my opinion, this would look great for the city of Dallas to use on a pamphlet advertising WRL as a place of interest. Hmmm….maybe you could profit off of this one!

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