A Long Awaited Visit… (by Donna)

The anticipation of each outing with the CWPC never disappoints!  Our trip to WRL is no exception.

Great friends and great subjects! Who knew shooting pictures of bikers could be so much fun, and that it would end up being my favorite shot!
(Biker on the bridge!)
Also, I would never have guessed that they like their picture taken, and even pose for you.  The birds pose too!

After living in TX for 15 years I finally visit WRL, I have been missing a very interest place and thanks to the  CWPC that is not the case anymore.

Thanks Fay for the CWPC!

Panning with the action!
(Photo by Donna)

So this photo of the biker on the bridge ended up being Donna’s favorite shot as she was learning the technique of panning.

Goosey Loosey
(Photo by Donna)

Goosey Loosey stood perfectly still and stopped mid-bite with a piece of bread still in her beak to have her portrait taken!

She seemed to enjoy having  her photo taken, allowing Donna to get her beautiful blue eye in focus and soften the background with a shallow depth of field.

Some bikers smile and some stick their tongue out!
(Photo by Donna)

Donna was quick to catch this action and he gave us all a good laugh!

Crazy photographers and crazy bikers make for some fun shots!


4 thoughts on “A Long Awaited Visit… (by Donna)

  1. Donna,
    I love the duck so much. She is adorable ( I think it’s a she), it’s my favorite.
    Oh! The silly papa is good too. LOL.
    The bridge picture is the reason why you have not seen the jogger in kilt.

  2. Good work Donna! It was fun working on panning with the action and that biker who stuck his tongue out at us at the end of the day was so funny!
    You guys are such fun to go out and shoot with.

  3. Nice pictures Donna. I want to learn panning. Yours was a great picture. The duck was so photogenic and the biker was being silly. Great job. Can’t wait to go again with everyone

  4. Donna,
    Panning looks like so much fun. Can’t wait to try it! I like how you panned with the biker on the bridge. It gives it a nice and interesting effect! “Goosey Loosey” was also a great shot! I love how you captured her with the piece of bread in her beak!

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