Food Challenge: Entry #10 John’s Berries

So I get an e-mail one day from one of the most esteemed members of the unofficial men’s auxillary… John Winter (Lynda’s husband).  As some of you might know, he is quite a metal detectorist and also has a blog about metal detecting in the UK.

This was his message:  ” Went metal detecting … found naught … didn’t go home empty-handed!”  And this was the attached photo!

I think he did indeed find a treasure in these berries!

John’s Berries
(Photo by John Winter)




10 thoughts on “Food Challenge: Entry #10 John’s Berries

  1. What a find John… and you didn’t even have to listen for the beep! Years ago in New Jersey, I loved walking along our country road gathering berries with the children. The berries were always sweet and warm from the sun. I think we ate as many as we gathered.

  2. Thanks Crazy Gal for the inclusion, but I don’t really deserve the accolade … did you save the crap until last? I liked the way you changed what I really said to suit your (mainly) American audience. ‘Naught’ isn’t a word in my vocabulary.

    Keep up the good work, ladies … all of your pictures are inspirational.

    • So John… it seems that you Brits have a different word that perhaps we, on this side of the pond, might find incomprehensible, such as ” found nowt”! And yes, “Crazy Lady” took the liberty of making a minor change to “naught”.

      So this has not only turned into a food challenge but also a challenge of words! Guess all that is important is that we understand each other. But then again, men are from Mars and women are from Venus!

  3. John,
    This is a very “tack sharp” picture. Did you use a tripod when you took this picture or you are just a natural sharp shooter?
    What a treasure indeed.

  4. John,
    I really like sun lit background and the depth of field. A very pleasant image! I can only imagine some of the things you might come across while you are out metal detecting. Just like the telephone booth…..I like how there is various things to look at in the one image. Thanks for sharing.

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