Food Challenge: Entry #9 “The Bomb”

As we are winding down the food challenge, I am leaving the funniest ones until last so let me post mine now.

When strawberries were so plentiful, I decided to make some strawberry-jalapeno jam.  It sure did kick-start my mornings spread on buttered toast.  And then I read that in the UK they have a National Doughnut Day and the proceeds are donated to a good cause.  I think that is a great idea and I really think we should do the same in the country.  We certainly eat our fair share of doughnuts.  Thinking about doughnuts got the gears going and I decided to try a new dessert using a glazed doughnut!

This is really quite simple and could have many variations.  So here is the recipe:  Slice a glazed doughnut in half horizontally and fill it with vanilla ice cream. Drizzle with strawberry-jalapeno jam, garnish with strawberries and whipped cream.  Easy!  And I call this dessert… “The Bomb”

(Support your local cardiologist!)

“The Bomb”
(Photo by Lala)


14 thoughts on “Food Challenge: Entry #9 “The Bomb”

  1. Lala,
    This bomb rocks. With all the sugars in this, it sure will wake you up.
    You are truly the queen of food and photography. I’m sure Paula Dean will love this. I hope you have some left over for me.
    I love the DOF.

  2. Looks so yummy, I love how the ice cream is dripping in the pic! The backround in white really makes the food pop and goes well with the clear plate! I tried a clear dish with the pastizzi, and it did not work with my backround. I am going to have to play around a little more with this food photography challenge. I learned some really good pointers! (Can you imagine this with a little chocolate drizzled over it?)

    • Yeah… what’s not to love about chocolate! Why didn’t I think of that?
      I have found in doing food photography if you can capture a drip or something that indicates “motion” it can sometimes enhance the photo. I chose the white background as I wanted to play up the cutwork on the plate.

      On average I will take 20-25 shots when shooting food, pick the best of the lot and put them on LR in the survey screen and then obssess over which is the best and why. Each will vary as far as focus, angle of shot, lighting, and flaws in the plating. And sometimes none are right and then you start over again! Grrr!

  3. Very nice…I too like the clear plate with the white background…nothing to distract from the reds and greens. Makes the food look yummy!! Like the ice cream melted some as well…

    • Thanks Vickie! You have to work fast when shooting ice cream as it melts quickly… and then you have to eat it and start over! Oh well… someone’s got to do it!

  4. Fay,
    Wow! A lot of detail to look at in this image and imagining the taste of it all!!! I like how you sliced the one strawberry and had it pointed outward. When I look at this image…I see how this “bomb” is sticking their tongue out and teasing or tempting me to just come try this! (Ha Ha) Yes, we do need a National Doughnut Day. I love your little caption at the bottom “support your local cardiologist”. You are too funny!!! I really like your great photo in so many ways!!!

  5. Fay,

    As usual you never disappoint. Your picture has everything I love. Strawberries and ice cream are some of my favorites. Your picture is absolutely beautiful and looks so delish. The plate was a great addition

  6. Mmmmm…doughnuts! Add a cup of coffee and you have breakfast. The most important meal of the day!
    The details in the dark strawberries and the light whipped cream both came out beautifully. And I like the bright seamless background that is just a shade darker than the whipped cream. Delicious image!

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