Food Challenge: Entry #8 Party Limes

So today we have a submission by Vickie… and I can confirm that this gal likes a good party!
“This was taken outside in natural light.  Love limes and always have some around the house.  This martini glass always makes me smile and feel like a party!!  I love pictures that make me happy because of the colors!”

Party Limes
(Photo by Vickie)



6 thoughts on “Food Challenge: Entry #8 Party Limes

  1. WOOHOO! Party time! You are right… those colors do make you smile.

    I like the angle that you have shot this and it is helpful that you blurred the back wall as that could easily be distracting. I think it might have been a bit improved if you had turned the lime in the front to avoid the imperfections on the skin. When you are concentrating on something close-up, the imperfections become more noticable. And the same thing happens when doing close-ups of flowers. In that case you have two options, find another to shoot or fix it in LR or PS. Oh… you could also give me the imperfect one to use in my gin and tonic!

    Now let’s go party!

  2. I like the angle too Fay! The colors are wonderful, they do make you happy! I might have put a lime at the base for added interest or cut it in half, just an idea though, great job Vicky! I’ll take a Mojito here!

  3. Vickie,
    I really like how well the green limes look in that colorful martini glass! I also like the natural look with it being taken outside on the wooden table. I imagine that was quite a challenge to get the depth of field you needed….I think you did a great job with it!

  4. Vickie,
    Now that’s what I’m talking about….LET’s START THE PARTYYYYY.

    Aside from the the little imperfection of the lime, I love everything in this picture. Who cares about imperfection anyways when you are drunk?
    Good job Vickie!

  5. Vicki,

    Great job. I love bright colors. A margarita would look perfect in that glass. The wooden table was an asset to the picture.

  6. No one noticed the reflection of my face on the glass…was wondering if anyone would…also…should have removed the “made in” sticker…thanks everyone for the comments…

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