Food Challenge: Entry #6 Dark Chocolate Mousse

So today, Gina treats us to dessert, and quite frankly… I’m not sharing!  It’s all mine!  And this is what she says…

“This is a Black Tie Dark Chocolate Mousse from the Olive Garden.  It was irresistible!   It was deliciously made and not very heavy … Calories… I do not have any idea .
Try it yourself.   You will say yummy !!!”

Black Tie Dark Chocolate Mousse
(Photo by Gina)


7 thoughts on “Food Challenge: Entry #6 Dark Chocolate Mousse

  1. Gina… I am sitting here and I am hungry and I am about to lick the screen of my computer to get to this. Looks delicious and very rich. But then again, we have to splurge once in a while! Don’t we?
    I think what I would like to see is a closer view. I really want this mousse up-close and personal! You could probably even crop the photo so that we would see less of the table and just really concentrate on that yummy dessert!

    A delicious entry indeed! Thanks Gina!

  2. Gina,
    This mousse looks so delicious. Yes I would like to see a close up view of this.
    My problem is I am on a “SEE Food Diet”, and I’m already seeing what’s my next victim. You gave me the idea where my next target is, the “Olive garden”, and yes this entry is so sinful.

  3. Gina,
    I think you got us crazy women all fired up for our next chocolate fix! After reading Fay’s comment, I can see where a close up could really bring out all the goodness in this! Of course….I think Fay may have some alterior motives……licking a larger portion of her screen!

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