Food Challenge: Entry #5 Popcorn Photo Op

This entry directly speaks to CRAZY!  Seriously now… have you ever done this?  NEVER!  But I bet you will now!  Eating popcorn will never be the same.

So this is what Dana had to say…

“Food….hum I asked myself tonight, with my hubby and daughter gone I am
being bad and having popcorn for dinner. I took my iPhone out and snapped a few  images of the bowl and then box…no luck.

I started eating and decided that if  I held a piece maybe it would be more interesting. I took the first shot and  popped it in my mouth…BIG mistake! I reviewed the pic and it looked like an angel!!! I could have sold it on ebay for LOTS of money! The next 4 or 5 pieces came to life as I stood under the can light in my kitchen and played with them moving around until I saw something. I had so much fun and could not keep from  popping each piece in my mouth. Hopefully you see them too :)”

Popcorn Photo Op
(Photo by Dana)


8 thoughts on “Food Challenge: Entry #5 Popcorn Photo Op

  1. This is one zany delicious entry Dana.
    Love your creativity and to think it was shot with a cell phone! Isn’t technology amazing!

  2. Dana,
    Its really neat seeing all the little surprises that come along with sharing our photos! Who would of thought of popcorn characters! My husband pointed out to me that the “old man with hat” had a worried look on his face. It appears he knew his fate was coming! Very creative entry!

  3. Dana so creative, I can just imagine you sitting at the kitchen table doing that! The old man with the hat is my favorite! Love it! (Sometimes I like having dessert for dinner!)

  4. This entry epitomises the name and ethos of the daft wimmen organisation. I will never be able to comprehend the species for you see things from a totally different perspective.

    Personally I don’t know how your partners cope with the craziness whilst still maintaining their own sanity. I fear for the Stout lady’s hubby who must breathe a sigh of relief every day she leaves on another photographic excursion.

    But, hey – Dana’s creative exploits have spurred me on to greater things … I have now become a fully-fledged cereal killer, annihilating cornflakes in an attempt to construct and photograph a model of Buckingham Palace. (Just in case it ‘s needed for a future challenge).

    Dana – I admire your creativity … I’m only sorry that I didn’t think of the idea first.
    Very well done! Take little notice of some of the things I ramble on about. The bottom line is that I like your work.

    • So Mr. Winter… as always we appreciate your comments and they never fail to leave me howling with laughter! Not quite sure if “Stout lady’s husband” breathes a sigh of relief or if he just says… “there she goes again!” Perhaps both!
      Photography… it’s so addictive!

      So I will leave you alone to play with your cornflakes!

  5. Dana, I love your sense of humor and creativity. To be able to see those characters in a piece of popcorn you truly have an eye for photography. I see them too now, but not until they were pointed out to me. Maybe one day I’ll develop that eye too if I hang around with the crazy wimmin. Personally, I liked the Elvis one the best, although I could also see it being a poodle.

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