One on one…

The great part about this club is that we can work as a group or one-on-one.  Fortunately since I am retired, that gives me lots of free time to spend doing whatever and there is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out talking about photography with the crazy women!


So yesterday I got together for lunch with Merrie at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Rowlett (Yogurt Wasted) to see what kind of photo equipment she has as she herself was not sure.  Her dad was an avid camera collector and when he died she inherited some of his collection and will be using his Olympus digital camera, so we pulled out the “destruction” book and tried to figure out how to use it.  Being differently set up than my Canon, it was a learning curve and we will continue to progress slowly and she also has discovered helpful links on the computer specific to Olympus.

Also discovered she was shooting in tiff vs. jpeg or raw.  Another learning curve and made the decision that she should probably be shooting jpegs for now until she gets to the point of wanting to develop/work-with her images in a program such as Lightroom or Photoshop.  My friend in the UK did advise that it would be necessary to be sure her camera is compatible with whatever program she might decide on prior to any purchase.  A valid point indeed!  And I had never really thought about that!  So four-and-a-half hours later we left the restaurant, well fed, happy and perhaps a tad smarter!  And guess what… she got a food shot out of the deal!  Way to go Merrie!


Earlier in the week Debbie and I headed out to the Dallas Arboretum.  As we were walking through the fern garden we see a couple coming towards us and the fella’s wife was wearing a hoodman! (Debbie and I were wearing our hoodmans also!)   Well, I couldn’t let that go…  so I mentioned it as we passed and that resulted in a 20 minute conversation with her and her husband.  They are from Houston and run a photo tour company… and guess what… she is a NURSE!  We had a pleasant exchange in the garden and I will keep in touch with Brian in case he can help us with a long-weekend photo trip for the crazy women!  He is very knowledgable and took the time to help Debbie with exposure compensation.  This is what I love about photography… a common bond that launches many conversations and friendships!  Thank you Brian and Marilyn!

Be sure to check out their website for some beautiful photography!

Photo Tours of America:

In my latest e-mail from Brian, he gave me permission to post this photo with this comment:  “I’ll give you a commission on all the autographs I sign -:)”  Something tells me that Brian is a bit of a CRAZY MAN!  Good thing he has a nurse to keep him in line!  So with that in mind…  PLEASE ASK BRIAN FOR HIS AUTOGRAPH WHEN YOU MAKE ANY COMMENTS TO HELP   SUPPORT LALA’S RETIREMENT !

I’m counting on you crazy women!

Brian, Debbie and Marilyn
(Photo by Lala)

“Slow Moving Vehicle”
(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Debbie)


6 thoughts on “One on one…

  1. Now this is great. Can I also have a commission to the Lala’s commission for my future retirement? That would be awesome.
    Lala, did you do it on purpose that Debbie’s hat is kind of showing right behind the middle of Brian’s head?
    Love the hat Debbie.

  2. Great pic, Debbie I wish I could have gone, a really fun place to take pics! I want an autograph, Brian! “Photography is so FUN!”

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