Remembering 9/11…

Remembering 9/11
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

Photography has a way of staying with us.  Can we ever forget those horrific images of the planes hitting the buildings or the devastation, loss of lives and heroism of that day and the ones that followed filled with anger, heartache and fear?  My husband and I were in France on holiday at the time that all of this was playing out and were actually unaware of what was happening as we were exploring the countryside and it was not until the next morning that we realized what had happened.  This was the photo that I took as we sat at a cafe on the morning that we learned of the terrorist attack.

In 2001 I was shooting film and this is a scanned photo.  I would buy 40 rolls of film to take on holiday and between the cost of the film and the processing it would cost me the equivalent of another airline ticket but photography was important to me and worth every penny back then.  I did not come home with meaningless souvenirs as so many do… I came home with photos!

To read more about that horrific day both my husband and I have documented our experiences:

This was my entry in my “I Am a Nurse” gallery on compassion:

Photography is powerful as is the amazing technology we have today to share so much with so many.  Use it wisely to promote peace, tolerance and understanding amongst all people.  I can only hope that photography will bring us all closer and promote basic human values.

To see more, please go to:

5 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11…

  1. Fay, thanks for sharing this great photo. And for your unique remembrance of 9-11 from the perspective of “An American in Paris”.

  2. I enjoyed reading both blogs, crazy that you were in Paris, nice to hear how compassionate they were! Thanks for posting and remembering 9-11.

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