Vacation Photos

I hope you have all gotten to take a vacation this summer to get away from it all.  My vacation has been quick escapes to the lake for an evening of shooting.  Regardless of where we go to get away, there are photos just waiting to be taken.  Since we are in-between challenges, I thought it might be interesting to see what you have been up to.

Tess was fortunate to go on her first RV vacation with hubby Nick and the three dogs!  Now that was quite an undertaking and I must admit I lived vicariously through her vision both on the road and by way of a helicopter flight over Mt. Rushmore.  But the one photo that I will always, always remember is this one.  Rather than being just another photo op that you have seen a hundred times, she had a very different perspective and it’s a winner!

Great job Tess!  I absolutely love it!

(Photo by Tess)

So when you are out and about… look for a new and interesting perspective to make your photo more memorable.  This image speaks of the pride and diversity of being an American!


5 thoughts on “Vacation Photos

  1. Great shot Tess, I would love to see all your vacation photos! I can’t wait to try all the new photo techniques on my vacation! 3 weeks and waiting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tess
    What a unique image! I have never seen photo’s of the Amish anywhere except on their homestead. You did a really good job with shooting this…..its really sharp. When I look at this I feel as if I am standing right there! Like Donna, I would love to see more of your vacation photos.

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