A Surprise on the Red Challenge!

It seems that our frequent visitor, John Winter who has been chomping at the bit to be a part of the Crazy Women in some way or another, has not only commented but has sent along a photo that he would like submitted for your critiques.  Hmmm… he truly is a brave man!

So…  in honor of the “Men’s Auxillary” and his persistent interest in the Crazy Women, I present to you John’s photo for you to critique.  Thanks John for all your support of the Crazy Women!  You are great fun and we appreciate your great sense of humor and are so pleased to have your wife Lynda as one of our newest members!

(Photo by John W.)

So come on all you Crazy Women… let’s critique John’s photo!


13 thoughts on “A Surprise on the Red Challenge!

  1. So John… This is a very appropriate entry for the Red Challenge, particularly since this immediately represents to me what you would find in merry old England. Cannot remember the last time I saw a pay phone in this country. They suddenly disappeared years ago as cell phones became popular.

    So tell me… is this still in use today? I have heard rumblings that these phone booths are being bought up for other purposes.

    I do like the way this is set off by the plain green background! I look at those reflections trying to determine if this is in a rural area or not.

    Thanks for your submission to the Crazy Women’s blog!

  2. John,

    I love the phone booth. I have been longing for years to visit England and see one of these. Thanks for bringing it to us and welcome aboard!!

  3. John,
    This is beautiful and the distressed wall which is concentrated more to the door window area, gives it the look of an antique object. I haven’t seen one of this booth and just like Lala, I am also wondering if the telephone is still functioning.
    I have not been to England also but would love to visit.
    Thanks for sharring this beautiful picture and welcome to the club as a “men auxiliary” member. Now, what is that PhilaS doing? He is the one who is dying to join the club as an Men
    Auxillary member and yet he did not submit anything. We will work with that next time.

  4. The Telephone Box

    First, thanks for comments so far, but the rather excitable Boss Lala has it all wrong for this wasn’t a ‘challenge’. I simply extracted the snap – for it is simply that – from my bank, and sent it to her as proof that men could also take a decent shot.

    ALL the other pictures are far better this pathetic effort, and I never expected to see it here! I certainly wouldn’t suggest for one moment that it is a serious contender. I guess Mama Stout has shown you and has ulterior motives. As you are all sweet and sincere ladies I’m sure that you won’t rise to the bait … will you?

    The red telephone box (not booth) can still be seen in English country villages but with the ubiquitous use of the mobile phone it is largely redundant. However some have been given a new lease of life and converted into small village libraries fitted with life-saving defibrillation equipment, art galleries etcetera, and become a focal point of the local community.

    I’m going to buy a few, convert them into showers and sell to the Yanks … they’ll buy anything! Please be gentle with me …

    • Yes dear John… we will be gentle with you. We may be strong women but we are also sensitive and caring!

      Now… exactly how much do you want for that phone BOX?
      If it fits, does it ship?

      • Don’t pay any attention to him JW. He’s just angry ’cause his house burned down while Lorraine was getting her fire engine shot.

  5. Ok so here it goes, pretty predictable for an Englishmen!
    Although I’m jealous that I have to take a vacation for this “pathetic” (using your words) shot!

    • Donna … I was beginning to like you … am I so transparent? Anything but predictable, Sheesh, On second thoughts perhaps you’re right! 🙂 Women are so perceptive.

      Mr Stout called me “anal” , which upset me because I’m also very sensitive … but then he explained. That’s okay, then.

      • Really did enjoy your shot, I’m sure if I ever visit England, it will one of the first things I look to shoot! Thanks for your participation!

  6. John,
    I really like the “box”! The reflections in the glass are so clear and I liked the angle you used. The sun breaking through to the ground just adds to it! I have heard you are a great photographer!

    I was wondering if you may be able to connect some of these together to provide some shelter for disc440. He just doesn’t understand the importance and the priorities of photography! It was JUST A HOUSE!!!! He just won’t let it go!!

    • Thank you Lorraine. You have certainly convinced me that I am great snapper … never thought that before! It’s illuminating to hear what people think of the picture. In reality, I saw the box, lifted the camera, took the picture. I hadn’t taken into consideration the reflections, angle or anything else. Just imagine the creation if I had been aware. I must have a natural talent … I’m sure that doesn’t sound crazy to you women!

      I’m afraid disc440 is a lost cause. If the Lovely Lala has tried and failed, what chance do us lesser mortals have?

      • My dear John, it has taken me 45 years to get disc440 to this point and still a work in progress! What’s life without a challenge or two?

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