Red Challenge… entry #12

I was at the Dallas Arboretum when this flower caught my eye.  It’s head was in the sun but the surrounding area was in shadow.  I was shooting in RAW and knew I could probably work with it in Lightroom.  My concern was that maybe all that dark surrounding area would cause the camera to overexpose the flower by trying to expose for the dark area so I set it on minus one exposure compensation… in other words to make it darker.  As I checked the shot with my Hoodman, I could see it was better than the original shots without the compensation.  It is always better to fix things in the camera if you can.  This was the resulting photo.

(Photo by Lala)


15 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #12

  1. Been waiting for this, it is a stunning photo! I love what you did to make the background dark it really allows the center of the flower to catch your eye! Great “RED” entry Fay!

  2. Fay,

    Very interesting photo. I love the amount of red blended with the black background. I am so looking forward to learning more from you and everyone in the club. Amazing photo

  3. Lala,
    Just like Donna, I was also waiting for your entry cause I know that it would be magnificent. You exceed beyond my expectation as always. You don’t cease to amaze me. Beautiful picture.

    • Thanks Vicky! Sometimes just a lot of hit and miss and reshooting! Isn’t that the great part about digital photography!

  4. Fay,
    Beautiful!!! I like the way the light seems to illuminate it and the contrast of the small amount of green in the center. Its so delicate looking. I can almost feel the texture. Its just makes me want to touch it!!!! I feel so fortunate to have someone like you to learn from!

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