Red Challenge… entry #11

This is my August challenge photo. I call this  “Scarlet Sunset”.  I love nature photography and challenges that makes me excited and satisfied with the end result.
Three weeks ago I bought a Photoshop Elements 10, and studied it.  It was very confusing and highly technical.  I was frustrated but I turned the frustration into tenacity and strong determination and did not give up.

This is just a standard picture of the red sunset that I took last week.  I was so amazed by how red the color was.  This is one of my few projects in Photoshop.  I added an effect of radial blur to create a realistic light ray effects.

Another thing that I love about this picture is that I took this at the comfort of home.

(Photo by Tess)


19 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #11

      • You could always hitch a ride on a space ship and shoot the earth! Better use a fast shutter speed!

      • Lala,
        Wish I could do that, it’s too expensive to do space tour. Could not afford it even if I sale my soul. How about deep sea diving with the shark? You want to try with me?

  1. Wow Tess that is a beautiful picture! And I LOVE the title! To think it was your backyard, you are lucky to have that view! Looking forward to shooting more pics with you soon! My hubby said it was his second favorite! 😉

    • Thanks Donna. I’m lucky indeed to have this wonderful view. Give my thanks to your husband too. I can’t wait for our next photo day.

  2. That is a beautiful picture, Tess! You are really becoming a terrific photographer! I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Nooooooo Tessie… I am not deep sea diving with the sharks with you!
    I will tell your supervisor to schedule you for more shifts so you can afford that ride on a rocket ship to shoot Mother Earth! No problem! You know, just work another shift!

    • Come on Lala, we crazy wimmin can do this, we are strong and we are not a wuss. So we will do deep sea diving and have close encounter with the sharks.

      • OK… let it be known that Lala is a WUSS! I just got bit and terrorized by a kitty kat and there is no way I am swimming with a big shark with big teeth while you get my picture! No way Tessie!
        I know… you just wanted another photo to enter in the red competition didn’t you?

      • Now, let it be known that Lala is NOT a WUSS! She just went through to a trauma from being attacked by an evil cat. I truly feel sorry for what happened Lala. If you need some rehab I will help you with the “breath in and breath out” thing, if that’s what they do in rehab. But I have a feeling that exposure to the object of fear is also one of them. So exposure to the extremes is good for treatment of fear and diving with the sharks is one of them. If you ever change your mind, I’m just a phone call away.

  4. Tess,
    Wow…..the vivid colors!!! I have heard that Photoshop can be very difficult to use. But, I also am aware of your talents regarding how you can learn new things, how to fix things, and your determination to do so!! I hope the “fire” in the sky didn’t get too close to your house! I don’t think I can handle the stress of knowing that another house has burned down! (Ha Ha)

  5. Tess.
    I am always amazed at your photos. That is awesome. I have enough trouble taking pictures without complicated software but would enjoy to try. Very good job

    • Debbie,
      I appreciate your comments and thank you. Yes, computer programs could be frustrating but the end result is worth it.

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