Red Challenge… entry #10

This next entry is from our newest member, Lynda from the UK. Thanks Lynda for making our club go international! Got any friends over there who would like to also join? They are welcome! The more the merrier.

So this is what Lynda says:
Looking for my red picture I found this one, which unfortunately is a bit fuzzy,
of a sunset taken from my bedroom window overlooking Stoke Mandeville Hospital,  birthplace of the ParaOlympic games.

(Where the heck is my little camera  stand??!!)

Although not starkly red it has meaning for the present moment in time.
I will be watching the ParaOlympic Flame as it passes our house on Tuesday.

(Photo by Lynda)

Thanks for your entry, Lynda and welcome to the CWPC!


5 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #10

  1. Lynda,

    This picture is beautiful. I love the soft clouds, pastel colors, and the scenery. The focus of this picture is capturing the essence of the environment. I would like to see this place.

    Good job. It’s a pleasure to have you as the first international member. Welcome to the club.

  2. As you said not starkly red, but beautiful none the same. I love how the snow makes the picture feel cool. Nice job Lynda, welcome to CWCP and enjoyed reading your profile!

  3. Lynda,
    Welcome to the club! Looking at your photo I see so many captivating things. From the beauty in the skies, the snow on the trees, and gazebo on the ground. All of this comes together so nicely and creates a very peaceful image. I don’t see a problem with the fuzziness that you mentioned. In this scene, a little softness probably even helps. I really look forward to seeing more!!!

  4. Lynda,

    Welcome to CWPC. I enjoyed your picture very much. I love the softness and the cool feeling. Thank you for your submission. Great job

  5. Lynda… there are indeed many shades of red and you have captured a soft peaceful view of your local area. I am sure the crazy women will be anxious to know more about where you live and the differences between here and there! Through you, we will travel with our eyes… no passport required!

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