Red Challenge… entry #9

Today we will feature a photo by one of our newest members, Dana.
“A sunny day, in the shade on my front porch”
I was working on some shots for a bridal show and told my model to grab a pair of bright shoes to wear under the gown. I sat my camera right on the porch floor. My settings were at f/10, 1/160s, ISO 200, 70mm. I then had her start from the bright side of the porch stepping back until the back of the dress was in the shade and the sun was highlighting the shoes. I loved the texture of the worn wood floor against the delicate gown. This turned out to be one of my favorite shots 🙂
It is so weird that the first shot I take ends up being my favorite… I often tell the client “OK were done!”

(Photo by Dana)


6 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #9

  1. Dana… I am in love with this photo! First of all, I am partial to red shoes though I have not owned any in many years. The lacy gown next to the rough wood is pleasantly unexpected. .. as are the red shoes with the white gown.
    Also… your camera angle makes this shot! If shot at eye level, I am sure it would not have the same impact.
    All the crazy women look forward to learning from you!

  2. Dana,
    This is magnificent. You really have that talent. All the crazy wimmin can’t wait to learn from you.

    I’m glad that I kept on yapping at the beauty shop and told you about our club. Welcome and it’s my pleasure to meet you.

  3. Dana,
    Beautiful image. I like how you used the sunlight to highlight the shoes and the effect of having the dress shown in both the sun and the shade. Welcome to the club!

  4. I concur this is a beautiful image! I love the floor boards against the dress too.
    I look forward to seeing some of your other photos as we journey together as members of the CWPC! Welcome on “board” Dana!

  5. Dana,

    Welcome to CWPC. We are very glad you are here. Looking to learn alot from you. I am extremely new to photography but wanting to learn so much. Amazing photo!!

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