Red Challenge… entry #8

Gina is offering this photo for the red challenge and this is what she wrote:

“Upon opening my eyes in the morning this is what I see, my red calendar box. This catches my eye easily.”

(Photo by Gina)


9 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #8

  1. It’s obvious you are a baseball fan, and I have to ask which team you root for. It will make a big difference in how I score your photo. For the record I am a Yankee fan (and my house is smoldering still).

  2. Gina,
    I like your photo. The greenery coming around the red calendar box really looks nice.
    It doesn’t appear to be as sharp as it could be to me, but I happened to see the picture from further away and the shot is very appealing when you are not close enough to notice the slight lack of sharpness. I am not sure how you could improve the sharpness. I struggle with this myself and don’t know what to suggest in this case.
    What a neat thing to wake up to each morning!

  3. Gina,
    This entry is beautiful. One really good thing about this picture is that, you made a valid point about the “red” challenge and month of “August”. You got it just right.

    I noticed that when you took this picture, you must be standing or that you were looking down at the calendar box. I’m just curious if how the picture will come out if you were at the same level with the subject and zoom your lens to make the box bigger so that the words “Take me out of the ballgame” is more conspicuous.

    You really did a good job and I love the color combination. Now, I really wish that you are not a Rangers fan. I have a feeling that you are a Yankee fan like someone out there.

    • Tess, this was the only thing available in red. But I used to play baseball when I was a kid. Thanks for the comments & suggestions prof….

  4. I think I agree with Tess’s comment. Zoom in on the box and let the background go soft. It might even have required that you bring the box forward more to achieve a shallow depth of field and let the greenery become a soft background. You choice featuring “red” and “August” were perfect!
    You are obviously more disciplined than I would be. I’m sure I would forget to change the numbers and then not know what date it was!!!

    • Lala,
      Hope the calendar box is battery powered so Gina will not be confused like somebody who planned to go to a club’s meeting on the first Saturday instead of the second…joke.

  5. Hey Gina~ I love how looking at objects in our dialy lives has become a little different now that we have CWCP in ours lives, who knew your calendar would have become a picture, glad to see your entry! I also agree with Tess that maybe shooting the box from a different angle would have made the saying more clear and easier to read.

  6. Gina,

    This is very interesting. I love the box with the calendar and made a very good photo for the red challenge. I also love baseball too. Great job

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