Red Challenge… entry #7

Debbie submitted this entry and says that red is a favorite color.  Thanks Debbie for your entry!

(Photo by Debbie)


12 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #7

  1. Rather contrived, but John likes that … almost good enough to eat!
    Now tell me that you didn’t polish that apple!

    (Ooops, Sorry … don’t think I’m allowed to comment … my application has yet to be approved by Crazy Woman, the Stout lady GaGa.)

    • Ooooo… John! You are working the Stout Lady GaGa’s last nerve. Seems that you no longer need my OK! Imagine that! No telling what will come from the Crazy Men’s Auxillary now…

      And I am so impressed. You are the first to comment on this fruitful plate, all the way from the other side of the pond!

    • Thanks John and no I didn’t polish the apple. It was like that when I bought it. I am very new to photography and some of the other red challenges are more advanced but I picked out things I like to eat and are healthy

  2. Debbie,
    Your photo looks delicious!!! I like how you placed the foods on the dark rimmed plate which gives it good contrast as well as frames it nicely. I also like the various shades of reds displayed. The image looks sharp and I really like the presentation. I am curious how it might look if you placed the watermelon at the bottom of the plate so that the points of the watermelon point up towards the other foods? Just a thought. Way to go Debbie ……for being new at this I think you are doing a great job!!!

  3. Great idea Debbie! I have been thinking about shooting food too, it had crossed by mind to do a basket of apples and a bowl of strawberries. I love the different shades of red! To capture the viewer I might have added a knife, napkin and even cut some of the fruits/veggies in half displaying the inside character of the subjects. Have you looked at the food photos shots by Tess or Fay, they are VERY interesting, I think we are going to learn alot from these CRAZY gals! Great Job, look forward to shooting with you soon!

  4. Debbie,
    Welcome to food photography. It is a very fun and interesting subject.

    The first thing I noticed is your love of red. From the red car, to red truck, to red dishes. You must have been very excited when the themed photo challenge was first announced.

    What I Iike most about this picture is the monochromatic color scheme. It really brought
    a lot of characters to the photo. The lighter color plate also helped to bring more clarity to it. Probably adding more green color will also bring more colors to this picture, like cutting a bigger slice of the watermelon and kind of position it that will show up the rind. Or adding a whole watermelon and place it at the back as a background might also help. I also wonder how the photo will look if you added a fork at the side of the plate.

    Overall, I like your presentation, and how clear the photo came out. You definitely get the hang of using your new camera. Don’t be frustrated though cause sometimes it could be, with all of those buttons and settings, sometimes it could be a pain. Been there for 8 months. Very good job Debbie. Way to go.

    Thanks Donna for mentioning me in your comment. But I’m not an expert yet like Lala.

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