Red Challenge… entry #3

Today we have an entry by Dr. R. of her handsome son in festive garb.  Dr. R. recently joined the “crazy wimmin” and we welcome her!

(Photo by Dr. R.)



6 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #3

  1. You certainly have a handsome son to model for you and what great colors in this image! I very much like the green background as it does not compete with his attire. On further inspection, IMO, I would probably like to see his feet. You could also crop just below the knee but I think it is important to show the entire outfit for this unique presentation. Great job Dr. R. and thank your son for being such a good model.

  2. Dr. R,
    The vivid colors really grabbed my attention but then I was quickly drawn to his face. I really love his expression and how he is looking right at me. His pose is wonderful!
    I have trouble getting pictures of people to come out right. The lighting just never looks quite right, but yours came out great! I agree with Fay that I would like to see his feet. I also noticed that the background didn’t quite touch the floor on the right side. Did someone say Photoshop? Again, I feel you and your son did a really good job!

  3. Your son is very handsome. The first thing I noticed was his eyes. They look just like you. His outfit is very festive. The red just popped out at me. Very nice and creative

  4. This is a wonderful shot, Dr. Rereddy!! I also love his expression!! I would like to see his feet as well. I like how you chose the green background, as it really makes the red pop out at us!

  5. Dr. R,
    Thanks for your handsome son for the beautiful pose. He is really a photogenic.
    I love your cultural theme and like Donna I also wonder if this costume is for certain festivity.
    I am also curious with the jewelries that he is wearing. Are these real rubies and gold or semi precious stones like what Mughal emperor Sha Jahan used in decorating the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal?
    I agree with Lala and Lorraine about including your son’s feet too. It would be more of a complete image of a cultural presentation.
    I really appreciate that you shared to us a portion of your culture.
    For the first photo challenge you really did a wonderful job, and of course thanks to your son for such a wonderful subject.

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