Red Challenge… entry #2

Our next “red” entry is from Vickie… another new member. At first she didn’t see anything red to shoot until she spotted this…

Thanks for your entry, Vickie!


9 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #2

  1. Thanks Vickie for your submission. The light shining through the glass makes for a vivid entry. This would also be good as an abstract image. We will be shooting abstracts in a future challenge!

  2. Vickie,
    This is such a work or art. It will let you think what this really is. It looks like a Tiffany lamp to me but it could be something. If you cut or crop the lower portion of the photo it would be more interesting that makes the viewer think more. Anyways, this is such a good picture for the first entry. Good job and welcome to the club.

  3. Vickie,
    I really like the beauty in this image. I agree with Tess’s comment that if you cropped the bottom, it might be more interesting. However, I can also see where it may be best to leave more at the bottom depending on what the subject is. If it is a lamp, I am wondering if maybe having the border of the shade would be an interesting view also? If it is a stained glass window than I wonder if it would be best to crop the bottom? Without actually seeing it both ways its hard to really know. Of course, so much of this can be just a matter of opinion. I can see the details of the texture and can imagine what the surface would feel like to the touch. Great shot that I can both see and “feel” ! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the club.

  4. Great image Vickie, very abstract and it took me a minute. I looked at the picture and wondered what it was and initiallly thought I wish you would have told me more about it. After studying the picture for a minute I realized that might be part of the challenge. The red in the image really stands out! It reminded me of something I might have seen in a microscope long ago. My husband liked the image as well! Welcome to CWPC!

  5. I love your red challenge image. It is very pretty. The red caught my eye the minute I looked at the image. Very nice

  6. Hi Vickie! Welcome to the CWPC! I love how vivid these colors are in the photo- you did a great job capturing that! I also like how the light shines through in your picture.

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