Bugs and Butterflies

(Photo by Lala)

The CWPC started with three members… myself, Tess and Gina.  Our first outing was to the Dallas Arboretum and the next outing was to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden to shoot a butterfly exhibit.  Gina was unable to join us, so Tess and I headed west.

Tess had never shot butterflies before so this was an ideal situation for shooting as there would be a good variety of butterflies and they would be in the conservatory.  Once we started shooting, it did not take long for me to see her excitement.  “Oh Lala… Look at this!” I would hear her say.

(Photo by Lala)

When we were done shooting the butterflies, we went outside looking for critters and flowers to shoot.  At that point I sat down with her and let her use my 100mm macro lense and the rest is history.  She was hooked on capturing bugs and sent off for a macro lense.  Once she received her macro, every few days I would get e-mails of bugs and what a great job she was doing!  So I would like to share with you some of our favorite shots of bugs and butterflies.

(Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)


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