The “Crazy Wimmin” shoot the sunset

Courtney, Melanie, Donna, Kristen, Debbie and Tess

This motley crew got together last Wednesday night at Lake Ray Hubbard to shoot sunset.  Now these gals are dedicated.  The temperature hovered around 106 degrees and in spite of the heat, all were in good spirits.  Tess had read my warning about walking along the lake in sandals and showed up wearing her “snake” boots and for those who did not heed the warning, they stepped carefully and avoided the higher weeds near the edge of the lake.

Melanie showed up after working her 12 hour shift.  Said she needed to de-stress and changed from scrubs to her shooting attire in the car!  Magic!  Who knew you could do that so gracefully and undercover?  And the fashion statement of the day was “floppy hats”… a must have item!  Yours truly wore her ball cap decorated with bird doo-doo and bird names.  As I started to shoot, I quickly discovered why the guys where their ball caps backwards.  Yeah, looked a bit like a dufus.  At least my neck was shaded!

Photography 101: Tess demonstrates the proper technique for holding her camera… arms to her side, hand beneath the lense, finger squeezing the shutter release while holding her breath.

Who knew that sailboats could sail on grass?
Definitely not one of my better shots!

Photo by Lala

As we know, Tess is the “eagle eye” so as all the crazy wimmin were laughing and chatting we heard her yell… “BIRD!” and there he was looking at us trying to figure out exactly what he was seeing.  We got a couple shots and then slowly we attempted to zig-zag towards him but he wanted nothing to do with the crazy women and took off …

As the sun started to set, the shooting became more intense.  Now we all know the power of women, but little did we know we could move the sun!  Looking through the hoodman at the camera screens, it was obvious that the sun was not quite where we wanted it to be, so by simply changing our position by walking left or right, we were able to move the sun.

Clever little trick that is!  Women are powerful!

Photo by Lala

(Photo by Lala)

Donna made the comment that the sunset looked like we were in Africa.  We talked about learning to underexpose sunset shots to intensify the colors and the members were encouraged to pull out their camera “destructions” and read how to set their cameras to underexpose a stop or two in situations such as this.

(Photo by Donna)

(Photo by Donna)


Hot, sweaty and thirsty, we headed to the new Vietnamese restaurant in Rowlett, Yogurt Wasted, and indulged in smoothies and frozen yogurt with toppings.

In spite of the heat, a fun time was had by all and we agreed to shoot sunset again!


4 thoughts on “The “Crazy Wimmin” shoot the sunset

  1. It was a awesome time and I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate that the club was formed. And thanks for taking us to Yogurt Wasted and getting to try the delicious avocado smoothie

    • Thanks so much Debbie. Glad you enjoyed it. All of you were real troopers coming out to shoot in that heat. And then when Melanie and Kristen showed up too… I was so impressed! Thanks guys!
      Be sure to try the coconut smoothie, and the strawberry coconut smoothie… to die for!

  2. I always have a good time every time I’m with the group. There is always something that I learn every time we go out. I was so amazed when Lala says that “you can move the moon”. What? It was funny but I just kept it to myself cause I would sound stupid. I thought that like the computer mouse you can click the object then drag it to where you want it to be. Without listening to Lala’s further instructions, I was quick to point my lens to the moon and push the shooter half way then try to drag the moon…OMG it did not work. Then I listened to her instructions… Ahhh you need to move yourself not drag the moon genius me….LMAO… Lesson learned: you need to listen to the whole instructions before doing anything. I was just very excited wimmin.

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