You cannot chase a sunset!

Paige, Ijeje and Faith


Diana and Kristen         (Photo by Tess)

To celebrate the birthdays of those of us born this month, we planned a dinner at Glorias at the Harbor in Rockwall and had quite a good turnout, about 15, including guests.

At the beginning of the meal, I lifted my mojito to give a toast to the crazy wimmin as well as the FedEx and UPS guys who make us so happy when they deliver the goods.  Happy Birthday to Lorraine, Debbie, Ijeje, and yours truly.

Bashful Kristen, Lorraine and Pati

Unfortunately Debbie never made it to dinner as there was a terrible wreck on I-30 that had traffic backed up for miles and she sat in traffic for 2 hours at which point she was able to head home.  We missed you Debbie!

Dr. Rereddy and son

Tess brought homemade chocolate cupcakes and arranged them on the table.  Each birthday girl had a cupcake with her name on it and a candle and there were extra cupcakes for the rest!  Thank you Tess for making this dinner so special and for all your hard work.  The cupcakes were decorated with flowers and butterflies.  (She is so talented!)  And they were so yummy!

Ijeje, Lala, and Lorraine  (Photo by Tess)

Cupcakes by Tess

The drapes to the dining room  were closed to keep the bright sun out and keep it cooler, so we chatted, took photos and enjoyed our meal.  By the time we finished, we grabbed our cameras and headed outside to find that we had TOTALLY MISSED the sunset.

It was GONE…as in, below the horizon.  So the joke was on us crazy wimmin.

We did however shoot the remaining light in the sky and learned another important photography lesson.  Even when you think the light is gone… keep shooting (preferably with a tripod).  There is still some magical light left in the sky!


Courtney, Kristen’s daughter

Ishan, Dr. Rereddy’s son

Lala and Tess (Photo by Lorraine)


4 thoughts on “You cannot chase a sunset!

    • Thanks Tess for everything you did to make this birthday dinner such a success! Your cupcakes were not only beautiful but delicious too!
      Appreciate all your help to make the CWPC so much fun!

  1. Looks like y’all had a great time. I’m glad the turnout was good. I wish I had been able to make it. The cupcakes looked yummy. Can’t wait til next time

    • Debbie we missed you and felt so bad that you were stuck in that mess! And yes… we are aiming to do monthly dinners to celebrate birthdays! And if there are no birthdays in the month, we will still do dinner!

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