Party with the “wimmin”…

Let it be known that we “wimmin” like to party…  any excuse to have a good time and celebrate!

So… our first party was for Lorraine’s birthday.  It was a surprise held at change of shift at work.  The surprise was almost on us as a local hospital lost generator power and we thought the patients were going to be transferred to us but all worked out in the end, the generator was replaced in a timely manner and the party was still on.  Little did Lorraine know that she was to receive a Gorilla Gram!

Gorilla Birthday Hug  (Photo by Tess)

Happy Birthday to You!
(Photo by Lala)



Eating the birthday banana…
(Photo by Tess)

It was hosted by the CWPC and included guests who Lorraine works with at the hospital.  We even managed to surprise her with a cake with her photo on it.  As a matter of fact, the photo on the cake turned out so good it made us think about saving our photos on cakes as opposed to prints.  Oh no… can’t do that.  Way too many calories and where would we put those thousands of cakes?  Bad idea!  Crazy idea!

And of course, the celebration would not be complete without the eating of the “Birthday Banana”!  And yes… there were enough bananas to go around.

A fun time was had by all!

Midway through the party, Lorraine announced… “You know, this really is my birthday!”

DUH!  Yes Lorraine… we know that!  That’s why we planned it for today!

Happy Birthday Lorraine.  Hope this will be a special day you will never forget!

And how old did you say you were?

Oh… that’s right… some things we just don’t talk about.

Sure hope you enjoyed the antics of the crazy “wimmin”!

Gorilla Girl… Lala
(Photo by Tess)


5 thoughts on “Party with the “wimmin”…

  1. It was priceless to see Lorraine’s reaction to the surprise birthday party. And Lala did a cry good job in the her “gorilla gram”, although it’s too hot to be in the suit. What a fun and joyful moment that was.

  2. I thanked the bakery manager at the local Tom Thumb for the nice job they did on Lorraine’s cake and told him that we thought it might be best to save our photos on cakes rather than prints.
    And this was his response… SWEET!

  3. Thank you Fay and Tess for making my birthday so special! Also, thanks to everyone whom attended and helped out. You really got me on this one!!!! If there was any doubt about this being a bunch of crazy “wimmin” ,….. this should really confirm that indeed we are CRAZY!!!! Fay even went ape on us!!! Thanks again!!!!

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