August Challenge

OK… so for this month we will again do a challenge as the July challenge was popular with the members.

So here is your challenge for August:  Shoot something red!  Could be a red balloon, red berries, red toenails, red lips, red shoes, etc., etc., etc..  You decide.

E-mail me the photo in small to medium size (no greater than 1000 pixels on the long edge) and be sure to include a description/story of your photo for added interest.  Your deadline is August 14th and I will begin posting your photos on August 15th.

So… think red for the month of August.  Good luck and happy shooting!

Flying Owl
(Photoshopped Image by Tess) You go girl!


3 thoughts on “August Challenge

  1. Awesome! You are definitely our photoshop guru even though you have just begun the learning process. We are anxious to learn the things you are learning. Great job Tess. One dynamic image!

    • Thanks for the comment Lala, I appreciate it. I love this picture infact this is my cellphone’s screen saver now. This is one of my first projects and enjoying to explore more of photoshop.

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