Sunset at the Lake

How fortunate we are to have the lake within easy traveling distance. A great place to shoot sunsets!

Also good for sunrises, if you like to get up that early.

So this is the final photo in the July competition… Shoot What You Love.

Day’s End…
(Photo by Lala)

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to this challenge and to those of you who took the time to comment.


10 thoughts on “Sunset at the Lake

  1. Lala,
    This picture is beyond words. I always love sunsets, sunrise and skies in general. They are so gorgeous, delicate and beautiful. I love this picture so much, as I always do to all of your photos. You always axe it Lala, what can I say?

  2. Fay,
    Nice!!!! I love how you captured not only the beauty in the sky, but the peacefulness of the fisherman. Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise with us! You have lit a spark in me!!! I find myself looking at everything around me and thinking about what kind of photo I can make of it!

  3. Watch out world! (Lorraine just got her new camera and is ready to shoot!)
    Thanks for your kind words and I am expecting great things of you in the coming year!

  4. This is a beautiful picture, and I second that Debbie I hope to get shots like this too, someday!
    Love the fishermen too, Lorraine!
    GREAT Job Fay!

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