Another Bumper Sticker!

Perhaps the devil made me do it.  Just had to have another bumper sticker for the Lalamobile!

WOOHOO!  Another bumper sticker!
(Thanks to my husband for getting this shot!)


15 thoughts on “Another Bumper Sticker!

    • Well, I had to put it someplace so I could still see out of my back window, so I placed it above the one that says…
      “Feminism… the notion that females are people too!”

  1. Announcement to all members of the unofficial CWPC Men’s Auxiliary. The bigger, better, more awesome and cool stickers for the auxiliary will be available soon. When I figure out how to do it. On my printer or with my tools and stuff.

    • Any man who can make an asparagus knife from an old lawn mower blade to be lovingly placed in a hand-tooled, and hand-made leather pouch that originally came from the local Goodwill can certainly figure out how to make a bumper sticker.
      Have at it Phil.S!

  2. It is cheaper to order bulk the price goes down significantly! 2-5 shirts $19.20 6–11 16.80! One price for shipping! I would be happy to coordinate and put on my credit card if anyone is interested!

    • Thanks Donna! Great idea! If anyone is interested, contact Donna. It would be fun to go on outings with matching Tshirts! That way if anybody got lost, there would be no problem getting you back with the crazy wimmin!

    • Hi Donna, I want small please, Debbie wants to have a medium. Lorraine is still going to talk to Ij so we’ll be 6 and more cheaper.

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