The Scrap House

Today we feature a photo taken by Debbie of “The Scrap House” in New Orleans.

Lonely Planet review for Scrap House

“Artist Sally Heller designed this sculpture, built entirely out of found and  recycled material, and dedicated it to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A  ruined shack that resembles Dorothy’s house blown off-track sits in a tree constructed from pieces of oil drums. Inside, a light shines for those seeking  to return home. It’s a powerful piece of work that sits in an appropriate  setting – across from the Convention Center, where so many refugees were  displaced in the aftermath of the Storm.”

The Scrap House
(Photo by Debbie)


9 thoughts on “The Scrap House

  1. I will never forget the death and destruction as the devastation of Katrina played out on TV. This is indeed a very appropriate sculpture to be placed across from the convention center. This photo is more than a photo of a sculpture as it brings back so many memories of that horrific storm and the suffering of so many.
    Thank you Debbie for sharing this with us.
    Photography is powerful.

  2. Debbie,
    Thank you for sharing this photo that has so much meaning behind it. I think you did a good job with how you captured this large sculpture. With what Fay mentioned, and after seeing your photo, I am learning how photo’s can be very powerful! Nice job Debbie.

  3. Can you see me? Peeking from the shrubberey. Got to learn about picture taking… to see how them crazzy wimmin do it.

  4. Phil.S I should have known you would be following Debbie all the way to New Orleans just to see how to get the shot! And I do believe I see your shoe sticking out from beneath the foliage there.

    And in the spirit of fair play… since you are craving a spotlight in the CWPC… we offer you a challenge. We WILL post your best shot of all time to this awesome blog for all to see. Let’s see your stuff Phil.S! Let’s see if you are worthy of the CWPC Men’s Auxillary.

    Since “them crazy wimmin” are all-knowing, we have no reason to lurk behind greenery like some people we know to watch you getting the shot.

    OK Phil.S… you have been challenged by the wimmin!
    (E-mail your photo to Lala and it will be posted!)

  5. Thank you for all of your comments. We enjoyed our trip and talking with people that survived that horrible hurricane. So glad to be part of a wonderful group of wimmin

  6. I love it, how lucky to be able to go there and see it first hand! When were you there? What did the trunk feel like? Your picture makes me want to feel the texture of the sculpture!! Thanks for sharing this!

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