Get Ready to Ride

Paige has submitted a photo for this challenge.  She says she took this with her phone and is hoping to purchase a camera soon.

“So… this is a photo of my friend, Robyn, and her kiddos ready to take on the Log Flume at Six Flags.”  Paige says the thing she likes about this photo is the angle at which it is taken.

Get Ready to Ride
(Photo by Paige)


6 thoughts on “Get Ready to Ride

  1. I think you are right. Sometimes we forget about how much a different angle will enhance a photo. Pixels are cheap. Shoot from several angles and decide which you like best.

  2. Paige,
    I did not know that you have that hidden talent. Angle? Hummm. Yes you really did good with taking this photo, and that is just with your phone? I can’t wait to see more amazing photos from you. You really did a good job. Way to go Paige.

  3. Yes it is a great pic, because of the angle I think! Your friend and her kiddos look like the are having fun! What kind of camera are you looking at? I hope you will be ordering it soon, can’t wait to shoot with you and learn together!

  4. Paige, I liked how you framed the photo and the capturing of some fun times. Hopefully you will get your new camera soon. I just received my new camera, and I am going to warn you… won’t want to put it down!!!

  5. Thanks for all your encouraging comments– I am so excited about this new venture. I’ve Never been good at photography, so am very happy to be able to be a part of such a wonderful group to Learn!

  6. Nice shot of your friend and her kids. It would be fun to go to six flags and take lots of awesome pictures. Good job Paige

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