So this is the next posting for the July Challenge… Shoot Something You Love!

This photo was submitted by Donna…

(Photo by Donna)

 And this was her comment about the photo:

This is Bruno, he is the oldest of our 3 dogs!
He belongs to my husband!
Bruno is the sweetest dog we have ever had, so kind and obedient.
I chose to shoot pics of all my dogs for 2 reasons!
I LOVE them and thought of what you said when we were at the Arboretum and taking pics of animals to “focus on their eyes” and I worked on that!
Because of that I picked this picture, love  Bruno’s Eyes in this pic, it’s like he is telling me that he loves me back!

15 thoughts on “Bruno

  1. What a beautiful dog Bruno is… and yes, he does look so gentle. You got his eyes sharp and his coat looks so soft. You should be very proud of this portrait!

  2. He is so beautiful Donna. Yes, I did not know before CWPC on how to shoot a person or animal. Infact I know nothing at all. It was when Lala, Gina and me went to the Dallas zoo that Lala thought us the technique while shooting an animal as a subject, that we need to focus on the eye. It’s really a very good technique. You really did focused Bruno’s eyes thereby creating a very sharp look. Good job Donna.

  3. Donna, Bruno sure looks happy and content. I like how he is looking straight into the camera. With his eyes being so sharp it really draws you into the picture. Great shot.

  4. Aww.. what a sweetie! Love this picture of Bruno. He looks very happy! Great “depth of field” shot– focused in the foreground, blurry in the background. Great job, Donna!

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