More Chihuly Glass

We will be making plans for the club to visit the Dallas Arboretum at night to shoot the glass.  Watch your e-mail for date and time.


The Texas Star
(Photo by Lorraine)

(Photo by Fay)

Lily Pads in Black and White
(Photo by Fay)


9 thoughts on “More Chihuly Glass

  1. I am in the first picture….in the trees behind the boat. I am covertly learning all your tricks about fill in flash in backlit situations, and adjusting depth of field for emphasis of subjects in the foreground. I am satisfied with the crumbs off the table.
    Signed, The unofficial men’s Axillary

    • You know… I had a sneaky suspicion that we were being watched. Little did I know that Phil.S was lurking amongst the trees listening to the secrets and the plans of the crazy “wimmin”. So now the truth comes out.

      Seems that since you have started the “unconstitutional” movement that you would surely be the one to head up the Crazy Men’s Auxillary. Can’t think of anyone I would rather give the esteemed title to.

      Just remember… the girls like their eggnog spiked!

  2. Is that why you always know where we are going? The crazy “wimmin” club is getting too popular that we have a stacker in our way. Way to go Philas, but you really did a good job in hiding.

  3. Just in case Philas comes to the next meeting dressed as a tree, i think you gals should take an axe along….or better still a chainsaw hahahahahaa and cut his camera into tiny pieces….that’ll teachim.

  4. That’s a good idea. Well I have all of those, axe, chainsaw, a big tractor plus chains to make sure that Philas will be extracted from where he is hiding. Thanks for the idea…hahaha

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