Let me see…

Just a bunch of “crazy wimmin”!
(Photo by Fay)

Ever have trouble looking at your screen on the back of your camera in the bright daylight?  I definitely do and I do not rely on histograms as often as I should.  So some time ago I bought a Hoodman.  Anyone who loves photography always has a “wish list” and that was one of the cheaper items on the list.  In spite of that, the price still seemed over the top for what it is; however, I have used it on a regular basis to check a shot and it has saved me from thinking I had the shot when, in fact I did not.  It is simply a magnifier that covers the back camera screen for easy visualization.  You can adjust the eye piece of the Hoodman to accomodate your vision.  I love it and recommend it frequently.

So on the latest trip to the arboretum I pulled out my Hoodman and Donna was intrigued.  Tess had already gotten one and now it was on Donna’s wish list.  Just last night I got an e-mail from Donna saying hers was soon to arrive in the mail.  We LOVE to see the FedEx man coming to the door with another gadget to add to our bag.

Let me see!
(Photo by Fay)

12 thoughts on “Let me see…

  1. I hate to bang on about this but you deny me access to the group … yet welcome a hood-man with open arms. Crazy wimmen! That’s enough. Promise not to mention ever again.

    That device sounds a good buy for the serious photographer in the Texas sunny climes. What’s ‘bright daylight’? Not sure that they will be a bestseller in the UK!

    I presume this is the device:

    • Yes, yes, yes John. That’s it! You see, they don’t make a “Hoodwoman” so we had no other choice. Sure you don’t need one of these? Very helpful! Perhaps you wouldn’t need help editing if you used one…

    • No… John. You are doing it backwards. Always look through the viewfinder, except on those rare occasions when you are in such a compromised postiion that you can’t see in the viewfinder. And for those of us in our age group, that will seldom happen! No wonder you are needing help with those images. Shoot it, then look at your screen. Can’t see the screen? Get new glasses or get a Hoodman!

  2. I might just miss out on the ManHood … although I do need something better.
    If I purchase in Texas, will it be worth it … I’ve heard that everything is bigger in that area.

    • Indeed! Everything is bigger in Texas… big hats, big buckles, big boots, big roads, big trucks, big sky, big drinks, big burgers, big boobs, big hair… the bigger the better! Welcome to Texas y’all!

    • John there is no justice. It would appear that LaLa is checking out Tess’ WomenHood with her big Texas size Manhood. ???!!! What exactly are we talking about here?

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