Debbie had a blast!

With a decrease in exposure, an increase in clarity, a bit of cropping and removal of the date…

So Debbie sent me some photos of her experience shooting fireworks.  And she had a blast!    I believe this was a first time for her… and good for you Debbie for getting out there and doing it.  She used her Kodak Easy Share camera to capture them and I would like to post this one with a minor edit. I don’t think she used a tripod so she was hand-holding at an ISO 80, shutter speed  of 2 seconds, F5.6 with a 17.5mm wide angle view.

Shooting fireworks is fun!  Maybe next year we can all get out to shoot them together!

Good job Debbie!


7 thoughts on “Debbie had a blast!

    • With a little tweaking it just about jumped off the screen.
      Great job! You were smart to use the wide angle too.

  1. This is beautiful Debbie, you really did a good job, I’m impressed. I have not taken a picture of fireworks ever, I’m hoping that we can get together next year.

  2. Dear Mrs Stout … can I send my crap pictures to you for post-editing?
    Forgot … I’m not a gril and unable to join your secret society … I’ll just go down to the bottom of the garden and eat worms … 😦

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