Creative Live

Here is a free learning opportunity.  A friend in the UK alerted me to this series of seminars that you can sign up for.  They are FREE and you can watch them on your computer.  They come from Seattle and there is a different one every few weeks, and I thought you might be interested in learning to photograph Pets and People.  It will air on July 26, 27, and 28. 

Just today I watched one about shooting seniors (no… not old people!  You know… seniors in high school).  This was day #2.  The first day was about formulating a business plan and I did not find that as interesting but today Sal Cincotta took us on a photo shoot in an alley and on top of a building with the Space Needle in the background.  His style of teaching captured my attention for all 6 hours and I even ended up eating my dinner at the computer so I wouldn’t miss anything.  It was fun and exciting to watch him work with the young gal.  He was shooting tethered to a computer so you could immediately see the shot he had taken as well as the camera settings.  Periodically he would answer questions via the internet from all over the world.   Absolutely fascinating!

So if you are interested in watching (even if you can only watch part of it), click on Creative Live to the right of this screen under Helpful Links and sign up with your e-mail address.  Go to the CL calendar to see all the classes offered.  Sign up for anything you are interested in.  They will send you a reminder a day or so before the program airs.  Just remember, this is shown world wide so you will just have to check for the time it is to be aired in the Dallas area.  Please be aware that they also do a rerun later in the day.  Should you have a burning desire to purchase a video, they are also available.

Take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity!


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