Black and white stripes…

By adding a little contrast to the photo in Lightroom, this was the resulting image.

This was the original photo sent to me by Melanie.
(Photo by Melanie)

Melanie has forwarded her photo of this handsome zebra dressed in some striking black and white stripes.  I do believe she was one of the few to capture this zebra.

I am quite sure Melanie was shooting in JPEG and, forgive me Melanie, but I have taken the liberty of “messing” with your photo a bit.  The original looked a bit washed out and I wondered if I might bring some of the contrast into the photo to make those stripes more pronounced as we visually see them with our eyes.  So…  which do you prefer?

This is not an advertisement for Lightroom.  This is simply where I fix my photos.  In your software that came with your camera, look to see if there is a place where you can work on your photos.  You can increase or decrease contrast, alter colors, crop, lighten or darken, etc.  Explore how, with just a minimal amount of manipulation, you might enhance your photos.


3 thoughts on “Black and white stripes…

  1. This is really a good improvement to Melanie’s picture. But good job Melanie for you have that eye of catching a good side of a subject.
    I started shooting in RAW last May and really see the difference of the quality of my pictures. The ability to play with your RAW photos in the “Lightroom” really helps a lot to have a good outcome because you have more rooms to play and more captured pixel to work.

    • I’m sure you probably have a program to do some of the editing yourself. Just a few clicks and… magic!

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