Unconstitutional? You’ve got to be kidding me!

For those of you new to this blog site, let me share some of the intricacies of starting  a club such as this.

It was begun as a sort of “sisterhood”, so to speak, made up of women at all stages of life. These are all strong women who have weathered the challenges in life while holding down a job.  And not just any job.  At this point in the club’s formation, all are healthcare workers and deal with life and death on a daily basis.  They are there for our patients.  They are ethical and caring!  They  are the finest group of  women I could ever associate with and I miss working with them.  And they have seen it all… marriage, divorce, separation, raising children, deciding if to have children, love, love lost, illness, death… yes, they have been through a myriad of life’s experiences and have come out strong and resilient.  And it is through this club that I sincerely hope that each can find a pastime to take them through the rest of their lives, to decrease those stressors in life and give them pause to appreciate the moment, as we support each other along this road called “life”.

But in early June 2012, we ran into a bit of a snag…

Just received notification from Tess that:

Jason wants to join the club but says that he is not a woman. (Yep, we knew that!)

At the end of the day Phil from pharmacy saw the CWPC mug and Tess told him about the club and he wanted to join the club, but says that our group is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for that is sexual discrimination. He says he will protest against us and why not just name it “crazy photography club?”. And now Jason is going to join the protest!

This is my response:

“So now tell me… exactly where are they going to do their protest? Outside of the hospital? Will they carry signs and have a bullhorn? I can see it now… Jason and Phil picketing the CWPC! Should we call channel 8 to cover this or shall we shoot it ourselves?

I say… all you girls, get ready because we are going to shoot this protest from all angles! Wide angle… telephoto… macro… all angles! We will cover it ourselves! And for those of you with video capability on your cameras… get ready to roll! Charge your batteries, clear your memory cards. We mean business!”

Girls rule!



One thought on “Unconstitutional? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  1. This is the funniest thing I ever heard and to think that our club is just a baby. What will come next??? Let’s wait.

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