A monthly challenge…

Photo by Fay

Just a thought… wondering if you might enjoy doing a monthly challenge, that way, those of you who are unable to join us on outings might have the opportunity to show us what you are shooting.

Since we are coming up to a new month, I thought we could start with a July challenge:  Shoot What You Love!

This is a wide open competition.  It could include most anything… your kids, your pet, flowers, food, white clouds in a blue sky… you get the idea.

Put some thought into it.  Ask yourself… what am I taking a picture of?  Sounds pretty basic doesn’t it?  But sometimes we tend to include too much in a photo.  Sometimes the background can be distracting or the light too harsh.  You certainly want your subject in focus… that means, be very steady as you take the shot.  You might even want to hold your breath to prevent unnecessary movement as the photo is taken.  And take more than one shot.  It’s amazing how one will be a little different than the next.  Perhaps one a little sharper or the composition might change.  View your results with a critical eye.  If you don’t like it, re-shoot it.  Maybe from a different perspective… from above, behind, beneath… you be the judge.  Not enough impact?… get a little closer.

Look at some of the photos in “Favorite Photo Sites”.  Find a photo you like and then try to shoot something similar in style.

If you understand aperture priority  (get your books out and read about your camera settings) you might want to change that to see how that impacts your photo by changing the depth of field.  It will vary how much of your image is in focus.  The higher the number of the F-stop, the more that will be in focus, and vice-versa.

The deadline for entry will be July 14th.  E-mail your entries to me.  One entry per member will be posted and open for critique by all members.

And with your submission, include why you chose that subject and why you like the image.

Good luck… and happy shooting the things you love!


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