The happy lizard…

The Happy Anole
(Photo by Fay… a.k.a. Lala)

Tess was the “eagle-eye” who spotted this lizard on an evergreen bush, and then when we looked a little closer we found lots of lizards… five or six lizards sunning themselves. You should have heard the clicks as we started shooting and following them around the bush.

This shot was captured using a telephoto lens.  The image was sharp enough that it could be cropped to get in a little closer.  The telephoto lens was helpful to keep distance between the photographer and the lizard; thereby, not scaring him away.   Notice also the shallow depth of field… the lizard is sharp but the background is soft and blurred making the subject stand out.

2 thoughts on “The happy lizard…

  1. Not sure about the crazy part (maybe zany…), but love the picture of the green anole (Anolis carolinensis). Enjoy!

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